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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to join CORD?

Absolutely nothing. No sign up fees. In fact, it costs NOT to join!

Our ministry is currently using one of your vendors. Are we still eligible?

Great! We will notify your vendor, at your request, of your access to our contract and its improved pricing.

Are the purchases made through CORD?

No. Purchases are made directly with vendor partners.

What areas of service does CORD cover?

CORD, Inc. covers all areas of ministry from supply chain purchasing (food service, office products, janitorial supplies, etc.) to asset management (daily operations, technology and communications, etc.) and risk management (safety supplies and instruction, insurance, etc.) plus more! 

Does CORD substitute inferior service and products for better pricing?

We work with only the best distributors, manufacturers, and service providers. No sacrifice of quality or level of service is necessary to achieve excellent cost savings. Unlike other companies, our vendor agreements are negotiated at the highest levels of management for committed partnerships.

Is there any obligation to use only CORD vendors?

While the greatest savings come from utilizing the entire CORD program, there is no obligation to use only CORD vendors.

If I switch to using one of your vendors, what will my former vendor think/do? 

You can expect your former vendor to try and win you back by slashing prices on a line item or two, then over time they will raise your price again. CORD will help you. Have them give us a call.

What is a Buying Group?

A buying group (sometimes known as a group purchasing organization) is an association of members that leverage their purchasing power to obtain discounted or contracted pricing from various vendors.